TOP MIX Insulation

TOP MIX Insulation
Vermiculite based poured insulation with NO asbestos


TOP Mix is a Vermiculite based poured insulation available in a 26 lb. bag. It contains NO asbestos and is simply mixed with water and poured around the chimney liner. It then solidifies to a cement like texture providing both stability and insulating value for proper clearance to combustibles. One bag provides 2 cubic feet of insulation. The TOP Mix Sizing chart below can help you calculate how much TOP Mix you need.

TOP Mix bag calculation
Inside dimension
of flue:
= Width (in)
Inside dimension
of flue:
= Length (in)
Height of
Chimney Liner:
= Height (ft)
Diameter of
Chimney Liner:
= Diameter(in)
2cf bags of TOP Mix Insulation are required

TOP Mix Preparation Instructions:

Simply prepare by gradually adding 2 - 4 gallons of water! (When properly mixed the mix should hold together when squeezed in your hand. No water should come out.) Pour the mix around the chimney liner and let it solidify.

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Quick Chimney Insulation Facts

  • Wood, Wood Pellet, & Coal applications require insulation.

  • Oil & Gas appliances are recommended to have insulation, but not required.

  • A minimum 1 clearance is needed from the exterior of the masonry structure to combustibles.

  • Two types of insulation are available:
    BEST Mix is a Vermiculite based poured insulation and contains NO asTOP-os
    BEST Wrap is 1/2" thick Foil-Faced Ceramic Wool Blanket that provides the zero clearance requirement

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