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Black Fiberglass Rod
NOTE: These are the most commonly used rods for general purpose brushing. Use them with Wire or Poly Brushes. (.440" threaded connection ends fits directly to the Poly or Wire Brushes)

Poly Brush
NOTE: Use this sturdy plastic brush to clean TOP-Flex & TOP-Rigid stainless steel liners, insulated metal lined chimneys, or metal stovepipe. The polypropylene bristles are acid resistant to coal, gas & oil flues; and will not scratch the stainless liners or black stovepipe. It's 1/4" threading allows for easy connection to the Fiberglass Rods.

TOP-Flex Standard "T" Kit
Manufactured with .006 thick 316 Titanium Stainless Steel:
For any applicaton where a tee is needed.

For other size options see our TOP-Flex Liner Kits for Wood Applications page

TOP-Flex Corn / Wood Pellet Liner Kit
Manufactured with .006 thick 316 Titanium Stainless Steel:
For other size options see our TOP-Flex Liner Kit for Corn / Wood Pellets page

TOP-Flex Aluminum Liner Kit
Manufactured with 2-ply 3003 Aluminum:
For other size options see our TOP-Flex Aluminum Liner Kits for GAS (83% eff & lower) page

TOP-Flex Multi Flue Cap
Manufactured with 18ga 304 Stainless Steel:
NOTE: This cap mounts to the top of the chimney crown or brick and covers two or more flue openings. All our Multi-Flue caps have a 3/4" mesh to keep sparks to a minimum and critters out! Made of stainless steel, they won't ever rust and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For other size options see our Rain & Flue Caps page


Water-Based Data Sheet

Solvent-Based Data Sheet
Chimney Saver Water Repellent
NOTE: Water penetration to your chimney can cause costly damages, such as staining to your chimney, loss of insulation value, freeze/thaw damage, deterioration & possibly structure failure. Prevent water damage with this water repellant made specifically for your chimney. It will reduce water penetration into the masonry by 99.9%. It's also 100% vapor permeable, which means it won't trap water vapors that may pass through the bricks when the chimney is in use. Other products, like you might see in your local hardware store, can slow down water vapors as they pass through the chimney. If the slowed vapors condense into water and freeze before being released, they can cause spalling and freeze/thaw damage to your chimney.
Water Repellant is available in Water-Based or Solvent-Based. Water-Based is the most common, however if your chimney is near salt-water areas or has been previously treated, solvent-based is recommended. The average coverage rate for most chimneys is 125 sq. ft per gallon (625 sq ft total per 5 gallon container). 10 Year Warranty.


Data Sheet
Crown Coat Sealant
NOTE: Is a premixed brushable sealant for repairing your masonry chimney crown. Using a 3" or 4" bristle paint brush, simply apply a first thin coat over the entire crown, wait a few minutes for a tacky film to form, then brush a second heavier coat on. It cures completely within 2-4 hours! Each 2 gallon container will cover approximately 80 sq ft. CrownCoat can be custom colored using standard mortar dye. 15 Year Warranty

Fuel Legend

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